Holiday SUCK IT UP and take care of you!

So we know this time of year can be really rough.  There seems to be NO EXTRA time for ANYTHING!  No time to shop, no time for parties but somehow we make it happen.  You know how most of YOU do that…??? By pushing YOU to the side and not taking care of yourself!  You are the most important person, you need to take care of you so you can stay fit and well through the holiday season.  Below we have included some exercise tips for a few quickies to add into your day…

  1.  Park and WALK …


couple holding hands while walking on pathway in front of big apple building
Photo by Dexter Armiza on

There is NOTHING wrong with parking out a bit and having to walk into work, school, the GYM or the grocery.  It will give you a few extra steps and put a few extra calories in that spending bank for a treat at a party later 🙂


2.  Grab a few quick sets of Push-ups and Squats– 10-15 of each 2-3 sets – simple, hit the upper (which includes some core) and hit the lower.  It is quick & can be done ANYWHERE. You can also hit up a wall squat/sit and planks if the two items mentioned above do not work for you.  Remember you do not have to be as fancy as this lady with her weights, you can do squats using only body weight and be successful!

adult athlete body exercise
Photo by Keiji Yoshiki on
active adult athlete barbell
Photo by Isabella Mendes on Pexels.

**I know it sounds like VERY LITTLE but a little is better than nothing at all 🙂 keep it super simple so it is super doable.  We will post a mini video soon!

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