Eating Clean and Green

Eating has never been something I have really enjoyed.  I do it b/c I must. Now some people eat to live, and some live to eat.  What kind of eater are you?

It is incredibly important that you eat as close to nature as possible.  Just getting rid of products high in sugar and low in nutrients can make a world of difference to how you feel.    Also, try removing or cutting way back on products that have been highly processed.  These items were never meant to be consumed by OUR BODIES.  Check us out @mobile1fitness to see some of what we prefer for consumption 🙂

We know it is hard to always eat well and exercise but if you just change a few things here and there and try to do well 90 % of the time you will feel so much better, we promise.  If you need more help come see me at

Springfield Medical Center


We take all major insurance, sorry no medicare or Medicaid accepted.

We also accept nutrition patients via Fitting It In, LLC. for a half-hour or hourly charge, we do not accept insurance.

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