This tri was SO much fun and we did it with our friends, which was the BEST PART!  This was the past weekend at Hampton.  Fun run tri with my bestie, Roxanne Fetty (a trainer with Fitting It In, LLC.)  in the middle, me in the green on the far right and a client of Fitting It In, LLC. Blair! What a great time at the Life’s a Beach Tri! Hampton 2018IMG_0375

And here is that FANCY medal we got.  We wanted the SKULL but that was only for the EXTREME goers (well we didn’t know that) so guess what in 2019 WE ARE DOUBLING DOWN and going EXTREME!!! Hampton Tri 2018IMG_0437

Oh, the DIVA’s in S. Myrtle Beach what a RACE!!  Look at this hottie!  This is who gave my Half Marathon Medal at the end!  AWESOME race, great time, MUST DO!!!IMG_0008

We are TOTALLY medal junkies, LOOK AT HOW HUGE THIS THING IS.  Petersburg’s Halloween Half Marathon WELL WORTH IT!Halloween Half Marathon

Later my nephew had to wear it to show off at the ZOMBIE walk on Cary Street.  I have on my Pirate shirt from a TOTALLY different race but it was cool b/c it had a SKULL on it and it was a tad cold that day or I would have worn my race shirt (short sleeves).