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With Degrees in both Exercise Sciences and Advanced Nutrition Sciences, we are highly qualified to help you reach your Fitness/Wellness and Nutritional Goals. Contact us today for a FREE consultation! or text us at 804.986.4039AFAA Certified

AFAA Certified Personal Trainers and Group Exercise Instructors!  We are pleased to bring you small group training, one on one training and/or large group classes. We bring classes to you!  No need to find a gym!  How can we help you get fit today?  Certified since 1990.  Check out AFAA here


** NEW ** Now offering Wellness Coaching.  How can we help you reach your wellness, fitness and Nutritional Wellness Goals!  Contact us for a free consultation!

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Carrie Lewis- Fitting It In, LLC. Richmond, VA

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Zumba Certified!  WE LOVE OUR ZUMBA, follow us on Instagram @mobile1fitness to see what we are up to in the Latin Dance World and all the other crazy stuff we get into!

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Certified Silver Sneakers Programming at Select Locations, now serving the Richmond, VA area.  Fitness is important at EVERY age.  Silver Sneakers is a program that partners with most insurance companies allowing you to take outstanding fitness classes at local gyms and partner spots in and around your area.  Check to see if you qualify for Silver Sneakers and find a location near you by visiting

We LOVE our jobs!

We are Richmond’s one-stop shop for Mobile Fitness Training, Wellness Coaching, and Nutrition Counseling. We run all over Richmond delivering nutrition programming, group exercise classes and one on one or small group personal training at your home or place of business.  We LOVE what we do and we live active.  All our trainers are active gym goers, triathletes, marathon runners or just plain old fitness/active lifestyle loving peeps!  We bring fun to your every one of our fitness routines.  Don’t worry if you are new, we can adapt to meet anyone’s needs and we love to teach.  Our trainers have personal training certifications, college degrees in Exercise Sciences and Nutrition Sciences and much more!  Give us a shout out and so we can help you!  We also keep our pricing competitive b/c we know you need to stay fit and do so on a budget!

So who are we?  Who are the trainers and who is the owner of this awesome company!  Where did the company come from….

History: We are mere babies in this industry but we are paving the way in Richmond for mobile fitness greatness…

Fitting It In, LLC. Mobile Fitness and Nutrition originally opened back in 2000 when Carrie graduated college but her love of fitness goes back to elementary school where she was very active in all sorts sports, even when it was mostly an all-boys club.  She went on to work at a local women’s fitness club in Richmond, VA teaching group exercise during some of her high school career before leaving for college in 1995.  In college, Carrie studied Human Health and Exercise Sciences and graduated with a Degree in Exercise Sciences with a concentration in Fitness Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in early 2000.  After time in NYC working for Corporate Fitness and Wellness, she returned to Richmond.  She jumped back into corporate wellness while at the same time building Fitting It In, LLC. until she took the full-time plung 2007.   It has been the greatest adventure since and to this very day!

OWNER: Carrie C. Lewis

A little about me…

You will often find me out riding the trails, running, walking, or just being active around the house/yard.  I absolutely hate sitting 🙂 so creating this lovely page has been very challenging b/c I have to sit….but if you are still sitting and reading..feel free to read on…Biking Black and White

Me out riding on a lovely spring day in the city of Richmond, VA


Me after the Diva’s Half Marathon in SC!  What a hottie right? He gave us that bling around my neck!  I worked for that!

Here I am out on the trails….and if you want a little more…take a look at all that we have been up to lately.  Like I told you, I hate to sit 🙂

Master Trainer: Roxanne Fetty

A little about Roxanne…Roxy is a marathoner and Iron Gal!  She loves running, working out and competing.  She also loves to share her passion with others!  She is one of the best trainers and fitness people I have ever had the pleasure of working with and we are blessed to have her as part of our team.

Roxy, Karyn, Danny and Blair 2017

Roxanne is in the white cap.  This is the annual Terry Turkey Trot for Charity! Thanksgiving 2017.  There are so many great race photos it is hard to pick!

Richmond Marathon Beverly 11-12-05 10

This is after one of her many Marathons in Richmond, VA

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