Being a Personal Trainer does not give me superhuman powers, just to be clear!

profile-c-lewis We do actually like to workout~is is always easy, NO, but we do it b/c it is good for us and we have a passion for fitness.

I overheard someone the other day comment on how easy personal trainers have it. They love to workout, it’s easy for them, they can eat whatever they like…ah we do love to workout or we would not do this job but it’s not always easy 😉 and no we cannot eat whatever we want. So I will be posting my foods and workouts n a nice blog on my facebook page and here so u guys can see ah we are people 2!

Breakfast on 11/27/18

Breakfast 11-27-18

1 egg 3 whites peps and onions 
1 slice Harv. Cheese
1 low carb wrap
1 hot sauce 
Tada Breakfast!!

Taught two classes 🙂 Silver Sneakers Yoga (lots of walking around) and a 30-minute express Zumba.  I am about to head to the gym shortly for another client and myself right after I have lunch/dinner and a small fun snack a quest bar.  A little dirty cheat 🙂

Pre- Gym Meal 11/27/18

Pregym Meal 11-27-18

Cauli Rice, little butter and some chicken meatballs YUM….


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