Silver Sneakers Members and Paying Guests

Welcome friends!  Below is all the Silver Sneakers information you will need to join us for our weekly workouts!  If you have Silver Sneakers please keep reading, if you DO NOT you are still welcome to join us.  Scroll to the payment information listed below to join us.

New to Silver Sneakers:
Silver Sneakers may have presented you with a card.  It will look something like this:

If you do not have a card or have misplaced it please follow the steps below to obtain your member ID.  This will be required to participate in all classes.

Please navigate to the link below to check eligibility:

  There you will enter your information to obtain your Silver Sneakers member number which should start with 2300 followed by 12 additional numbers, we ask that you please email that 16 digit number to us ASAP at so we can get your registered. We must have this number PRIOR to you attending your first session.  In that same email, please ask to be added to the ZOOM SILVER SNEAKERS email list to keep up with any changes in the schedule.  Emails go out every week on M/T/W/TH mornings with links and any updated information. Passcodes for the sessions will be issued once you are registered.  If you have issues please email us your name and a good contact phone number and the office will reach out to help you get registered.   Once you are registered you will be able to attend any class you like as often as you like.

Below are the meeting links and some helpful information!

LIVE classes are for Silver Sneakers and Paying guest only…

Use the Paypal link below to pay for your class(es), once you are paid a link for attending will be supplied via email. Please pay in advance so you have access to the link before class time. We are OFTEN not available for LIVE help right before the class or during the class and there are no refunds however we can comp a missed class if you have issues logging in or the class is canceled for some reason. Email us at or text is super GREAT at 804-986-4039 for last minute issues. Please include your name and what class you need help with. We will try to help before class 🙂

Silver Sneakers ONE TIME VIRTUAL ZOOM Class Pass

This is a ONE TIME VIRTUAL ZOOM CLASS PASS- meaning you are paying for ONE of the 4 classes we offer during the week. Please see below for ALL class listings/times/days and descriptions. Please make sure are you comfortable using zoom and have downloaded the application to you Ipad or computer for use as this is a ZOOM class. There is information below with a ZOOM how to video 🙂 Please also take a moment to read what will be needed for the class you are signing up for (listed below the descriptions) and our workout disclaimer. Once paid a link to join will appear and an email with your purchase information will be sent to the email you provide. If you are interested you may purchase multiple classes all at once, at check out.


If you would like to pay for a months worth of classes please see bottom of the page for details.

Below are the meeting links, a how to ZOOM VIDEO and some helpful information for joining us via ZOOM:
If you are NEW to ZOOMING, check it out a quick tutorial…FYI this video was made in April of 2020 you no longer NEED to have your video ON unless you would like to but you MUST BE MUTED until the end AND the passcode given in THIS VIDEO has been updated. You must be a member to get the new passcode 🙂

A few ZOOMING tips & setup/safety:

  • Get on early and test out your audio
  • Get yourself set up in a clean area with room to move and NO tripping hazards
  • We require a chair or sturdy object to use for any balance activities
  • All equipment required for each class is listed after each individual zoom link
  • Grab some water, YOU need to remain hydrated. Also, try to drink at least 8 oz prior to class.
  • Remember that when participating in these classes, or any exercise program there is always an inherent risk of injury. Please be sure to modify any activity that is not suited for you and take breaks when needed.
  • Make sure your MIC (AUDIO) IS OFF when class begins- if you need help with this I usually cover it before class begins 🙂 If the mic symbol is set to ON the camera will bounce btwn myself and YOU 🙂 so the students will see you…

Equipment Required: Yoga Mat or some kind of exercise mat. Chair for balance or to sit and take breaks. Water and a clean and clear workout space. ***We will be on the floor for a good portion of this class for the core and pilates work so please make sure you are comfortable working on the floor. ***

IN PERSON STARTING JULY 6th: For Cross Ridge Guests ONLY

Tuesdays at 12:15 pm-1pm  


Equipment Required:  Chair, mostly for stretching at the end.  Water and a clean and clear workout space. Comfy attire for exercise and shoes that are appropriate for your workout space.  

In Person starting 9/2/21-Join us for Zoom Strength & Balance:

NOW IN PERSON at CROSS RIDGE NOW: Thursdays at 12:15pm-1pm  

**Therabands: GREEN, BLUE, and BLACK (see link above)

**A Pilates Ring

**this is an Amazon BUYERS link (this one or something like it will work just fine)

**A resistance tube with handles

**this is a Amazon BUYERS link (you can buy just ONE or several, the 10 and/or 15 would be plenty)

No Silver Sneakers?  No problem, you can still join us. See the link at the top of this page to join us for ONE class OR Pay right below for multiple classes. ISSUES paying? Hit us up at

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Where your body is OUR business!

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Jada Jacobson

Office Manager

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Disclaimer:  Please be advised that exercise or fitness activities of any kind, on any platform, always carry an inherent risk of injury.  Please be advised that you must take precautions when exercising online as well as in person.  Make sure you have a clean and clear workout space, provide working equipment to use during class, and have a sturdy chair for use if needed. Remember to always modify any activity that is not appropriate for you.  Follow all instructor guidelines and recommendations however consider your abilities during all activities and adjust as needed.  Take as many breaks as you require and drink plenty of fluids, pref on water, before, during, and after exercising.  By logging on and participating in these or any classes/activities presented by Fitting It In, LLC. you, the participant, agree that there is an inherent risk and you are willing to take that risk.  Fitting It In, LLC. will in no way be held liable for any injuries from or due to your participation in any classes, online or otherwise. Fitting It In, LLC. is an authorized provider of Silver Sneakers classes, and all instructors are certified to provide classes.  If you have questions reach out to us at